Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My New Blog!

Hey guys,

I have made a new blog http://www.webosaursrah.blogspot.com/ that is were I will be posting from now on here is the banner.

hope you like it!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Cheats!

Hey guys,

It's yet another time for a scavenger hunt! Here are the cheats!
1. Gushing Geyser - Richard Owen
2. Soggy-Bottom Swamp - Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event

3. Sub-Alpine Forest - Iguanodon
4. Buckland's Peak - Hadrosaurus
5. Dino Dunes - Peabody Museum Of Natural History
6. Hillside Canopy - Argentina
7. Webo Ridge - Deccan Traps
8. Prairie Pool - Maiasaura
9. Sanoran Sands - Iguanodon
10. Rolling Hills Chamber (Prairie Pool) - Yes

Thanks Gerbil!

Friday, December 24, 2010

New Monster?!

This is an urgent post to warn you about the new monster or its transformation.

Yesterday something happened to the monster either a new monster came or the old one left. We have seen evidence that Pterry has been trying to make an invention to protect us. Meanwhile Chief and Wally have been investigating and examining the monster and its changes or if it is a new monster. I have come to the conclusion that if that is a new monster then the old one must be around the island somewhere. If it was a transformation it would only mean that it is close to escaping if Pterry doesn't do something fast. Here are the before and after pictures of this event.

Speaking of "the crack" Chief has told me to post this message for my readers

"Next time you are in Sub Alpine Forest be extra careful a crack has been noticed. Evidence of non-dino ooze has been collected from the crack, the ooze has been sent away for testing. Again be extra careful until we get this crack repaired."
Chief has also said this.

"Urgent News: Dinos are becoming evil and the tank in Sub Alpine Forest housing the Eel has become cracked. At this time we are unaware if these incidents are connected."
I hope this helps you stay safe on the island! I wouldn't want you to be eaten by a Dino-eating monster! Make sure not to touch the "Non-dino ooze" so you don't become evil!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Duper Dino to the Rescue!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... Mio?
Hey gang, they might not make you fly, but they’ll sure make you jump high! Check out the new Duper Dino costumes located in the new winter catalog! If you ask me, they’re the best costume yet. They don’t cost quite as much as the tuxedo, but the Duper Dino costume ain’t cheap either, so you’d better start saving up those coins! Don’t you think this suit is making me jump high? I was enjoying bounding around so much that I almost didn’t notice a strange occurrence, did that monster just change shapes? Has it always looked like that??? What’s going on here?

I wonder if there are going to be special actions on the new costume!

New Updates!

Hey guys,

I just thought to tell you of the new updates!

First is the new costume as shown below.

And now here is the new monster that has been spotted...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blogosaur Meetings – Canceled

Hey gang, you may be aware that we recently started having weekly Blogosaur Meetings on Fridays to discuss Blog related issues and to talk to dinos about how to become a Blogosaur. Well, we are going to continue to do this and have Blogosaur Meetings every Friday, EXCEPT for this week. Because of the snowball battle that is going down on Friday, Blogosaur Meetings are going to be canceled this week.
Where: No where
When: Friday, December 24th – Canceled
Oh well... Its ok.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Webo Groups Got Talent!

Hey dinos, if you’re active on the Forum you may know that we are going to have a Webosaurs Groups Party this Sunday, but even if you are active I doubt you saw this special twist coming. Our Webosaurs Groups Party is also going to be a Webos Got Talent Party! So pay attention because there are a lot of details for this one…
First: All Webosaurs Groups should look alike. Let’s get creative dinos, Webo Navy, Webo Warriors, Alphasaurs, Tootsters… ALL Webo Groups should dress alike. Even if you don’t belong to a group you are welcome to come to the party and maybe join a group, but if you are a member of a Webo Group show of your team spirit by dressing the same as everyone in your group.
Second: We’re going to have a classic Webo’s Got Talent Party! Groups are welcome to show off their talent together, but we’re also going to allow solo performances. We haven’t had a Webo’s Got Talent Party since the summer, but the rules are all the same…
  • Can perform solo or in groups
  • Talents must not take longer than 3 minutes
  • Get creative with your talents, anything goes!
  • Please sign up on this post by yourself or with your team
As tradition dictates we’re going to be giving out Raptor Trophies to our winners! This party is going to be EXTRA LONG and I’m looking forward to seeing just how talented Webosaurs really is!
Where: Giant Umbrella
When: Sunday, December 26th – 12:00 – 15:00 WST
Server: Jurassic
Woot! Woot!